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Opening our doors in June of 2011, we have been building relationships, branding businesses, and producing quality products ever since day one. As a National Advertising Agency, it is our goal to make each and every client feel as though we are right in their backyard. Market research keeps us afloat of the newest and most innovative marketing products, while our competitive price structure allows businesses of all sizes to benefit from the services of McIntosh Marketing. Our outstanding track record of remarkable customer service give us 5star ratings on most social sites, but our most important win, however, is making you a happy, life long customer.

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Shana Hills

Founder/Owner of McIntosh Marketing
888-674-3577 x 201

Garrett Kingston

Creative Department
888-674-3577 x 202

Chyna Brown

Account Manager
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We create amazing products and help businesses grow

Promotional products are so important with branding your business or service.
Trade shows, Vendor fairs and Expos all have tons of examples of promotional products.
We can create your entire branding packsge for business cards, flyers, banners and more!

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How We Work

Trust the process.

Step 1. Research

A successful marketing plan relies heavily on the pulling-power of Market Research. We make an organized effort to gather information about your target markets or customers.


Step 2. Marketing Audit

Our next step is to take a look at what you are doing currently for your Marketing efforts. What is working, what isn't. What methods do you feel have given you the best response and why.


Step 3. Strategy

Our next step would be to put together a suggested Marketing Strategy, based upon the budget provided. There are thousands of ways to market any business, but each market has their own niche or unique way to reach those customers. We help you find that niche.


Step 4. Creative

It's time to put that strategy to work. We will create a eye catching and unique creative design and campaign. Our goal is engagements and customers.


Step 5. Launch

Let's go LIVE with our Campaign! We will give suggestions on how to grow both organically and via paid ads. As your Agency, is it our job to guide you down the right path, However, as the Business Owner, it is your job to follow that path. Your success depends on it!


Step 6. Support

We will be here every step of the way. Monthly, and Quarterly reports. Phone Support, Online Chat support and more. Any issues, questions or comments after hours, feel free to submit a ticket through our 24/7 ticket system.


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