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We bring ideas to life by combining years of experiences of our very talented team.



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Opening our doors in June of 2011, we have been building relationships, branding businesses, and producing quality products ever since day one. As a National Advertising Agency, it is our goal to make each and every client feel as though we are right in their backyard. Market research keeps us afloat of the newest and most innovative marketing products, while our competitive price structure allows businesses of all sizes to benefit from the services of McIntosh Marketing. Our outstanding track record of remarkable customer service give us 5star ratings on most social sites, but our most important win, however, is making you a happy, life long customer.

We take pride in our customers! Each year we do a Customer Appreciation event to show select customers how much they are appreciated! You must be either an Agency client or have spent over a set amount to be invited to these FREE exclusive events annually

Our President

Meet Shana Hills, President of McIntosh Marketing.
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To Bettering


No matter what you have been doing, there is always room for growth and improvement.

Advertising isn't always about making more money. People also use advertising to spread brand awareness, launch a new look, change a service, or even offer a FREE service.

We bring ideas to life by combining years of experiences of our very professional team.

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Our Results

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We take a close look at each clients Monthly analytics to determine how our Marketing is going. If we are not getting the results expected, we change the strategy.

Being flexible is part of being a good Agency. You may have to consider using tactics you initially didn't think you would need. But as the days go by, you determine how to shift your Marketing, or if you budget needs to be adjusted as you grow.

Why hire an


Most business owners also have Marketing experience, education and credentials. This is not why you should NOT hire us. Hiring an Agency doesn't mean you are unable to preform the tasks, it means, you want someone dedicated to it full time that can do it for you.

Sure, you could post on social media, send some emails, create some graphics, but do you really have the time? Are you really prepared to do this full time, each day AND operate your business? Don't overwhelm yourself, that's why we are here.

Photo Shoots

Often time when we look over a website we plan to revise, we notice one common details. The pictures typically used in websites are either extremely outdate employee pictures, stock photos that may ir nit be royalty free, lr unprofessional bad quality pics.

As part of some services, we offer FREE photo shoots. You are able to keep the pictures FREE of charge and we get pictures that work better for your social media marketing or website,

Take a moment and book your photoshoot here.

Our Perks


We organize & gather information about your target markets and customers: know about them, starting with who they are


We out together an overall game plan for reaching prospective consumers and turning them into customers of the products or services the business provides


Our data is reliable. Repeating the same methods produces the same results. Validity - Our data will measure or represent what it is supposed to measure.

Online Access 24/7

Our online chat and ticketing system gives you full access to our Customer Serve dept. 24/7.

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To Bettering Yourself

moving forward

What does your business need? Depending on what stage you are at in building and running your business, we can help take you to that next level with some innovative Marketing strategies.

best experience

With more than 30 years of experience as a collective team, I assure you, we have the experience to make your vision come true. Set realistic expectations when handling your Marketing results. Marketing and Advertising only get better with time.

How does this work

What to expect....

What Has Worked In The Past and What Hasn't?

Pardon the questions, but we need to know what you have tried and haven't. We will ask a series of questions, including budgeting questions to help determine what we strategy we should put together.

What Is Your Main Objective For Your Business?

We determine what the true objective is. Growth, expansion, new product line, rebranding, can all be marketed in different ways. This helps us get the right path for your journey all planned out.

Let's get down to business
What Is Your Marketing Budget

We can help you determine what you should spend monthly. Let's set up an appointment to go over the numbers,

Marketing Strategy Delivered

After reviewing what you are currently doing and what isn't working, we will co e up with a strategy that works.


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