Isn’t it the perfect time to dust off your Instagram store and shake it up with some new products?

Here are 10 popular  products that will make your Instagram store irresistible for customers. Remember, that to enable Shopping on Instagram, your store should be approved for this feature first. We decided to save your time and chose only those products that comply with Facebook’s store and product policies. YOUR WELCOME! :)

1. Wireless Phone Charger

Smartphone accessories and futuristic items will never go out of style. Wireless phone chargers are not only phone related, they seem space-age appropriate. Soon, people will be buying wireless phone chargers to use inn a car, at home or at an office. Their stylish, Apple-style minimalist design, too, will attract attention.

2. Smart Home Appliances

A smart home is no longer a fantasy associated with “Back to the Future” movies. Now you can actually integrate voice-activated and remote-controlled features in your own home.

Not everyone is ready to buy a smart fridge, but smaller appliances like smart light bulbs or baby monitors are quite affordable and satisfy the desire for something innovative. Moreover, Instagram users love videos just as much as pictures. Videos are great to show smart home products’ potential.

3. Deshedding Pet Gloves

People love their pets, but the fur covering every surface of a house? Not so much. Pet grooming gloves make removing pet hair before it falls much easier. More, they are simple to clean, pet-pleasing and don’t cost much — sounds like a good deal for a customer. Don’t forget to add pictures of cute cats and dogs to the your website and social feeds!

4. Keto Foods

This one seems to be maintaining its popularity, however. It helps people not only lose weight, but control blood sugar and meet other health-related goals.

5. Beard Oil

Men’s cosmetics aren’t limited about soap and shampoo anymore. on’t look past the potentially lucrative men’s market, especially if you sell cosmetics or plan to. If you like this idea, don’t limit your product range to beard oil; instead, add options like beard combs, hairstyling products, skincare or dude wipes.

6. Oil Diffusers

With most of us running to work and other activities around the clock these days, it’s no wonder the sales stress-controlling products have been on the rise. You can sell oil diffusers for homes or cars. Many are shaped in attractive and unique styles–a benefit for promoting on image-focused instagram. Also, turning an odor-limiting device into a work of art will encourage the oil diffuser’s proud display.

7. Self-Care Products

The range of products is limited only by your imagination: it can be beauty care to pamper yourself, mindfulness journals, meditation accessories, and even bathtub caddies.

8. 90s Fashion

Believe it or not, the 90s are now considered “retro.” More Instagram accounts praising the 90’s-00’s aesthetic appear every day, and there are almost 11 million posts with the hashtag #90s. The content on these accounts ranges from movies and TV show quotes and celebrity pics to make up looks and clothes or accessories. Big brands aren’t giving up on 90s fashion, and you shouldn’t either. Why? Instagram is awesome for the flippable lookbooks fashionistas crave. So if you sell apparel or plan to do so, add some retro clothes or accessories to your store.

9. White Sneakers

Why white sneakers? We researched on Google to get the answer to that question only to find white sneakers have 8 times more posts on Instagram than black ones, let alone other colors. Apparently, culture today just finds them more attractive.