Could you do something for me? Open a new tab in your browser and go to your Facebook Business Page. Next, view your profile. Did you manage? Wonderful!

Now, look at your cover photo and answer this question: does the photo encourage my audience (i.e. potential customers) to investigate my Page and learn more about my business and my products?

Here’s a hint: if you haven’t put much thought into picking that particular image, chances are it’s the wrong image.

Free stock photos, wallpaper images or random pictures should not represent your business. You heard it right. A cover photo is a photo that represents your business. It’s the first thing people see when they arrive at your Page.

Thus, it should be well thought-out, creative, informative and above all, closely related to your business. Why? Because it can help you increase your sales.

The Power of Facebook Cover Photo

A perfect cover photo can increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your blog or e-commerce store, encourage people to like your Page and learn more about your products, and also, boost customer engagement. These actions together increase sales

How to Improve Your Facebook Cover Photo

Now, let’s discuss the topic in more detail. Add these elements to your Facebook cover photo and invigorate sales:

1. Tell people how your business can help them

Every business has a purpose, for example: to help people create better websites, feed them delicious pizzas, or repair their equipment. You surely also created your business with a goal in mind, right? Why not to share that goal with your audience?

That’s exactly what Redington did with their Facebook cover photo:

Redington is a financial service, which, as you can see above, has a very ambitious target: they want to help 100 million people achieve financial security. By sharing that goal with their audience, Redington communicates not only that they are helping people reach financial security, but also that they can help you become financially secure as well.

Describe your brand in one sentence

Who said that the Facebook cover photo has to be a photo of an engaging object? In fact, it doesn’t have to present any particular item, product or view to engage your audience. Depending on your business goal for the channel, a single-color background with an intriguing phrase that describes your business may work better.

Something Store, for example, did a marvellous job:

Present your new products

The Facebook cover photo is a great place to present your products. By doing so, you show your customers what’s new in your store and/or which products are most popular.

These guidelines set you up for success:

  • Arrange products you want to sell in an eye-catching way against an interesting background (it can also be a one color background). Don’t add any text. Let the image speak for itself.
  • Highlight only one product and say a few words about it. You can also add a call-to-action and/or inform your customers about special offers and discounts.
  • Take a photo of people using your product. For example, if you sell sports equipment, take a photo of a family riding bikes and wearing helmets from your store. You can also add an information about prices and a short call-to-action.

Show off your awards, trust badges and certificates

Did you know that, according to a study, trust logos increase the perceived reliability of a brand in 75% of respondents? What’s more, 61% of participants of the study admit not completing a purchase due to an absence of trust logos. Demonstrating that your brand is legit and credible can juice your sales.

Of course, the best place to show your awards, trust badges and certificates is your website. However, you can also do so in your Facebook cover photo.

Placing badges next to your products:

Show the life behind your brand

When prospects see that your products and services come to them via the hard work of men and women, they make more of a genuine connection. You shift your brand’s image from a faceless, profit-driven entity to a team of individuals looking out for customer happiness and satisfaction. People bond with other people. By giving prospects an “insider’s view” of everyday workings, you build trust, and even more important (for sales) loyalty.

There is a ways you can show your customers the life behind your brand. One of them is to show off a happy and smiling team. Take the photo during a break at work, a celebration, a trip you took together or a party you had. Here’s an example:

Share a video

If you can invest a bit more in Video marketing, you can create an interesting video about your products and/or services and share it with your customers in the cover photo. After all, who said that Facebook cover photo has to be a photo?

In fact, it can also be a video!

Are You Ready To Create Your New Facebook Cover Photo?

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