During the COVID-19 outbreak, many patients are practicing social distancing and potentially working from home. This means that the way that people use the Internet has shifted enormously.

This data  is showing that users are searching less, especially on a mobile device, and intaking a lot more content than usual. The Google Display Network enables advertisers to show ads on content throughout the web, like local and national news websites, lifestyle blogs, YouTube videos, mobile apps and games, and more. People in every community are logged into their computers – they just aren’t searching for services in the same way as usual.

While video ads can be a heavy lift to create, the Google Display Network has a lot of easy options to help you get up and running. Here are some tips to get some display ads up and running quickly:

  • Create simple ads and messaging. These ad sizes gain the most impressions on Google Display Network.
  • Use Google’s responsive display ad creator. With this, you simply upload some images and your logo, and input your messaging. With these ads, you can be up and running with a new Display campaign in about 30 minutes. Check out this video and how-to with Google.