Just B Beautiful

Just B Beautiful

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August 31, 2018
Natural hair Care Salon located in North St. Petersburg. Number 1 in SEO for keywords Sisterlocks, Brother locks, and Natural hair Care. We started working with this client a few years ago and have really enjoyed it! Mrs. Johnnia is a pleasure to work with as she is always looking for new ways to improve or add to her services and business. She puts herself through trainings and seminars to perfect her skill and we love it! We have been able to build and manage her E-commerce website, social media sites, and email marketing. We also provided promotional items when requested.
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"Just want to Leave a review for this Awesome company, Shana walks me Through my next Level and Make sure I understand the process of my Digital marking That I inquired about. I told her my needs and she Delivered. Thank You Shana! She is all about the Customer!!" - via GOOGLE

"I never had a Marketing Agency before or a professional Marketing done for my company at all to the capacity that I have now. McIntosh Marketing Company walked me through all of my Marketing needs and took it to the next level with my Marketing. Johnnia the owner of Just B Beautiful Natural Hair Salon&More. Shana is awesome and Creative Thank You" via GOOGLE