Agency Prices


Market Start Up

starting from $199/month
Email Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Promotional Video (:15)
Cross Promotion
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Rising Star

starting from $299/month
Sponsored Ads on Social Media
Google Ads
Retargeted Ads
Lead Generation
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Brand Booster

starting from $499/month
SEO on Current Site
Market Research
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Industry Leader

starting from $599/month
Native Advertising
Promotional Items
Explainer Video
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Website Prices


Basic Website

starting from $499
Up to 20 Pages
1 Domain Name
1 Business Email
Accept Donations
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Business Plus

starting from $800
Unlimited Pages
SSL Certificate
1 Click Checkout
1 Domain Name
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starting from $1200
Unlimited Content
Shopping Cart
Customer Accounts
Inventory & Accounting
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Cards section

Use these cards when you want to display content with an image, such as a blog post or product. They’re built with CSS grid to enable the 3-column layout. When you select the “Cards Grid Container,” you’ll see a red icon on the top right. Click the icon to edit the number of columns, the column gap, and more!

The card images have fit set to cover, so they fill their masking container without stretching. Try making the “Cards Image Mask” a circle using border-radius or adjusting the size ratio using top padding. Don’t forget to set an alt description for each image, which will help with accessibility.