We get a lot of questions all the time, and we don't mind at all!
Marketing can get so confusing and we are simply here to help. Here are some frequently asked questions, if we missed something, let us know and we can add it to this page.

Is a ROI guaranteed?

We cannot guarantee a financial outcome with our program. Why? There are too many factors in running a successful business. The marketing and advertising are just one factor. Next if your staff’s ability to follow up and book appointments in an effective and empathetic way. Next is the business choreography, from who greets them, to who walks them back to the consult room/sales floor, retail location, and finally the patient enrollment/closed sales/sold item.
How do you handle objections, close, and follow up.
Our program and available training courses are designed to advise you on all of those aspects.

What kind of consulting do you offer?

That depends on your needs. If necessary, we will send a CNA prior to us meeting for you to complete. This will help us determine what we need to discuss. Sometimes business owners just need a better understanding of how a product helps their business. We can help get your questions answered to the best of our ability

Can you help my Company grow?

That's up to you. We can commit to one thing and one thing only, bringing you leads. Wee cannot control who buys with you, and unfortunately, this is not solely depending on your Marketing. Many other factors play into the success of a business. Customer Service is major factor as well as pricing. We can bring you the leads, but your products, service, location and customer service are what will close the deal. It's a teamwork to succeed, and we commit to doing our part.

Do you offer training?

Constantly! We host monthly ZOOM and Microsoft TEAMS meetings with groups, businesses and even one on one coaching sessions. WE do this both Nationally and Internationally with clients as far as Trinidad. Let us know what you need training on and we can set up a class. In the meantime, check out a=our tab at the top labeled "Tools". You may find some valuable information there as well.


A successful marketing plan relies heavily on the pulling-power of Market Research. We make an organized effort to gather information about your target markets or customers.

Marketing Audit

Our next step is to take a look at what you are doing currently for your Marketing efforts. What is working, what isn't. What methods do you feel have given you the best response and why.


Our next step would be to put together a suggested Marketing Strategy, based upon the budget provided. There are thousands of ways to market any business, but each market has their own niche or unique way to reach those customers. We help you find that niche.

Next Steps

It's time to put that strategy to work. We will create a eye catching and unique creative design and campaign. Our goal is engagements and customers.


Let's go LIVE with our Campaign! We will give suggestions on how to grow both organically and via paid ads. As your Agency, is it our job to guide you down the right path, However, as the Business Owner, it is your job to follow that path. Your success depends on it!


We will be here every step of the way. Monthly, and Quarterly reports. Phone Support, Online Chat support and more. Any issues, questions or comments after hours, feel free to submit a ticket through our 24/7 ticket system.