Geo Targeting

GeoTargeting is a premium way of reaching your customers on their mobile devices. How does it work?

First we want to determine the budget available for GeoTargeting. We recommend never investing any less than $150 over a 4 week period or under $75 in a 2 week period. Next we want to choose the way in which you would like to target them. This service allows you to target people in "real-time" (where they are standing), as well as where they have been (locations they have visited, like your competitors). Lastly, we would select the demographic you want to reach, pick your flight dates and launch!


We can create a landing page for your visitors to click to. This is where we can either place your physical store front location as well as promote an event or product for purchase. Data capture forms will allow you to build your own database to remarket to!



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Cross Promotion


Why Use It?

Marketers geo target users on their always-present mobile devices because each person’s location has something to say about their environment and their mindset at a given time — which makes it easier to deliver relevant ad content. The idea is that the more relevant an ad or offer is, the more likely it is to drive what the marketer wants: a sale.


How does it work?

The central idea behind geotargeting is that understanding a consumers real-time — or past —location helps marketers achieve the holy grail of delivering the “right message at the right time.”

In a simple example, an adult customer visiting car dealerships is likely interested in buying a car, and serving a local Honda ad to this customer more likely to be successful.Serving a Honda ad to someone at (or near) a local car dealership is an example of geotargeting on a hyperlocal level.