Mobile Marketing

Although Email Marketing has proven to be an effective way to reach people on their devices as well, Mobile text message marketing is an even better way to support those emails. Here are some of the services our Mobile Marketing includes.

Drip Campaigns
Reminder Text
Recurring Texts
Online Chat
KeyWord Messages

You can use custom short codes, and we can create a QR Code for you to add to your website.

Once you sign up for our Mobile services and pic the package you want, we will send you weekly/monthly analytics as well as a report on the other activity with your message. This includes information about how many opened the messages and if anyone unsubscribed. We can even tell you how many people clicked the link you provided in the message.

Keyword Messages

keyword  is a word or phrase that your customers can text to a 10-digit number or designated  text short code. When they do, they’re signing up for future SMS marketing campaigns. For example, if a  restaurant  asks you to text GROWTH to 555666, GROWTH is the keyword


Easy to use Simply send a link directly to your target audience’s phone to complete the survey or cast their votes. This is very good fro Political Campaigns when trying to establish what your target area wants and needs from you.

Promotional Texts

These messages are sent with the purpose of increasing sales, promoting your product, or raising awareness about your business. This is also a great way to gain website traffic by adding a link directly to your landing page for the promotion.

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