QR Codes

Have a special event, a new product or an exciting offer you want to promote on the fly?
Then the flyer is the perfect marketing tool for you. Add a QR Code, and it will enhance its effectiveness and broaden your online network.

Event QR Code
Video QR Code
Coupon QR Code
Custom Campaign QR Code

When your QR Code is scanned, choose what happens next!

Connect to a URL
Add your Contact info to they phone
Send a Text
Compose an email
Send a SMS
Connect to Wifi
Visit a Twitter account
Visit a Facebook page
Open a PDF
Play an MP3 file (music)
Open the App Store
View an Image/product/flyer

What Our QR Codes Can Do

Connect a URL

Opens URL after scanning

Add Contact Info

Saves contact details on their smartphone

Send a text

Displays a plain text

Write an Email

Sends an email with predefined text

Open App Store

Redirects to different app stores


Connects to a Wifi Network. Password may still be required in some cases.

Play a MP3

Plays an MP3 file

Open Flyer

Shows an image(s) or promotional flyer


Add On Services

QR Codes on Stationery

QR Codes on Table Tents

QR Codes on Tickets

QR Codes on Digital Signage

QR Codes on TV Commercials

QR Codes on Menus

QR Codes on Business Cards

Set yourself apart from other professionals and discover a new way of using business cards to network and share information by just adding a QR Code. Share your contact details, business information, work samples and much more with just one scan.

QR Codes on Products

QR Codes on Product Packaging

Make your information simple, relevant and clear with QR Codes, and invite your consumers to really judge your products by their packaging.

QR Codes on Vehicles

There is a way you can use people’s drab, daily commute to your brand’s favor. By adding a QR Code to your branded vehicle, you have a free, moving advertisement for your products and services that enhances your audience reach, creates transparency, and helps people get access to you instantly.

QR Codes on Vehicles
QR Codes on Social Media

QR Codes on Social Media

Wondering how you can take your social media marketing strategy to the next level? Give QR Codes a try! Customize your QR Codes to fit your brand, test out campaigns with quantifiable results, and reach mobile and desktop users in one fell swoop.


QR Codes on Emails

Email marketing is a marketing method that companies can simply no longer afford not to use. With over 5 billion active email users, companies across the globe are striving to reach their target audience. If you’re searching for a way to stand out from the crowd, that also tracks your campaigns and is convenient for mobile and desktop users, look no further than QR Codes.

QR Codes on Emails
QR Codes on Windows

QR Codes on Windows

As marvels intended to generate interest and draw people into a store, the shop window has been an ever-evolving art form since the Industrial era. Now, QR Codes can help you deliver a better marketing return of investment by improving consumer experience and streamlining your offline site to your online platforms.