TIP's to improve your Facebook Conversions

Facebook is known as the number one option in social media when it comes to driving conversion. Due to this, Facebook ads have become an integral part of social media strategy in business. However, there are examples of bad ad designs and campaigns on Facebook more frequently. It can be the images being blurry, or the copy is not clear, or even worse, no one knows what these ads are actually selling.

6 Facebook Tips for Conversions

Use the Automatonic Placements on Facebook

When you are using Facebook ads, there are different placements from where you can choose.  The placement means to the place where you want to add to display. However, not all options are created equally. Some of the placements have better results as compared to others. Well, Facebook recommends that you should use automatic placements when you are creating your Facebook ad campaigns.
The automatic placement will show the placement where it can perform the best.  So if you are using it for conversion, the placement will recommend the best result.

10% Budget For Brand Building

Just like everyone, you also want to generate leads and sales via using ad campaigns on Facebook. And it makes sense.
However, you should have dedicated 10% of your budget to the ad budget. It should target the long-term brand and campaigns.
Focusing on brand building will bring you more loyal followers. This will help in keeping your conversion better, and also you can get the results you are hoping for.

Don’t Overlook The Visuals Of Your Ads

It only takes 2.6 seconds for your targeted audience to choose the landing section on the webpage. That’s why you should not overlook the visuals, it increases the chances of getting the attention of your audience.

The Facebook Lookalike Audience

Without having a lookalike audience,  the platform can be not that much effective. Well, the lookalike audiences are those groups of people who are similar to another group. In other words, a Lookalike Audience is a way that helps in reaching new people who are likely interested in your business as they are similar to the customers you have.
This can be the practice of managing the data you have used for creating the custom audience.

Consider Your Format For Ads

The format of your ad also plays a  vital role in success and conversion. This is why you should focus on what type of format you are using. There are overall eight ad formats that are considered as main, which includes other variations.
Here is a quick breakdown of each option;
  • Photos:  Focus on creating a visual story that can be powerful, using a single image.
  • Video: The format is similar to photos, but you get a whole video for showcasing your product, service, and brand.
  • Playables: These are interactive ads where people can play the game pr use program. It works ideal for some niches. Here people can play before they download it.
  • Collection: you can show off the ads like videos and images. You can combine both using multiple images, also it requires less data usage as compared to video ads. This works better where the internet connection is not good.
  • Carousel: You can use the carousel for showcasing up to 10 images and videos individually. They all have their own link, use the space for telling a story or informing about new products.
  • Messenger: Here your ads are sent via using the message to the customers. The images are the single focus with short sentences that are ideal to use.
  • Slideshow: this one is a middle ground that you get between video ads and photo ads. You can add multiple images and combine them with sound. It will take less data than video.