This customer is based out of Louisiana. They provide recruitment services for people in the medical field. Typically they look for RN's, LPN's and CNA's through Louisiana and Texas for various positions and locations. Pay and benefits vary. Each person interested in apply simply visits them on the web, sends in an application, and someone gets back with them.
We were hired to manage their social media platform Facebook and Instagram. We do not place adds monthly. We only post images, videos and stories on each platform. This is our entry/basic level Social Media marketing. The benefit to using this level is consistently. Any of your followers are guaranteed to possible see posts at least 3 times per week on either platform. We do hashtag research to generate the most effective hashtags to use in your industry. Typically we also provide the content, images, verbiage and links as well.
We encourage businesses to begin at this level and gravitate to the Level 2 Social Media package within.6 months. This package includes some paid ads to help target new followers, likes, and business at a set and agreed upon budget.

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