This business evolved during the start of COVID-19 in April of 2020. The client wanted to capitalize off of the people that were stuck working or staying at home. With outdoor venues having so many restrictions, many people began to re create their daily routines from home. For that reason, the owner decided to launch a brand that sold clothes mostly meant to wear around the house, but versatile enough to wear outdoors. With a selection of women's clothing from romper and jumpsuits. to dresses and leggings, as well as accessories such as wallets and waist beads. We were able to provide this client with a wide range of Vendor lists to choose from. We built a fully E Commerce website for this clients as well as created their branded look.

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Waist Beads

We were able to take pictures of most every item on the website including Face Masks, Clothing, Wallets, and Waistbeads

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