We have truly loved working with Tracy so far! She is eager to learn more and more about how to grow her new online store. Tracy was a prime example of a client that was spending wasted marketing dollars working with Company's that really didn't know how to do graphic designs. She has paid for a logo to be done and when it was sent to us to use for business cards, we had to let her know it was created in a format that won't look good on business cards. We instructed her to contact the designer to ask for the correct format to be sent. They weren't able to produce anything useful. She then paid another Company for a new logo concept all together. But when it was sent to us, again , it was an incorrect format and would look horrible on printed materials.
Finally we offered to step in an do things correctly for her. We are currently redesigning her logo with the corr4ect format so that we can add it to her new business card design. Once we are done with the new logo, we will add it here.

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