We have really enjoyed working with Aubrie, the owner of Whips By Bre.

She is full of energy and life and such a pleasure to build with!

Whips By Bre is a Buy, Sell and Trade service for those looking to sell or buy cars. Aubrie specializes in connections with several different car dealerships that are able to offer you what you need, when you need. The beauty of working with Aubrie, is that she takes a lot of the hassle out of the car buying process. With her help, the most you will need to do is test drive and make a down payment.

Aubrie takes your application and checks to see what you actually qualify for. From there, she isable to research where she can find a car that you really like, that is within your budget. She then goes to the car lot, secur4es all the info needed and brings everything back to you.

She was looking for some help with how to streamline this process so that it is even easier for her clients. We got access to a website she was having built and updated it with everything she wanted. Then, we were able to create an online form that allows her applicants to fill it out "on the go" by simply clicking a link.

We loaded new inventory into her website and created a couple new features for her as well. As an agency client, we will be handling her social media marketing, website updates, flyers design, promotional materials and so much more! Check back to see what we are up to with Whips By Bre. We will be updating her page monthly!


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